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  • I had stem cell therapy on my left knee in late March, 2018 – I now have almost 98% full range, capacity and I am so THANKFUL to you – you are the absolute BEST!

    Linda T.
  • I had pain over a year. Trust me I am already feeling better with only one appointment.

    Esta A.
  • I have been amazed on three separate occasions regarding the help I got here. First with a back situation that I thought would never go away and second with a condition which I never would have thought would be helped by chiropractic (shingles). Recently, I had a jaw condition (TMJ) and was considering seeing my regular doctor. But instead I went first to see Dr. Inglis and found out he could treat it! Saved me who knows how much money and time. That’s why Dr. Inglis tells his patients to tell him everything because 90% of the time he can do something about it. It’s more than just the joints. It’s nerve conditions, jaws, etc. The thoroughness and the attention to getting to the cause of conditions is outstanding!

    Ray K.
  • Dr Inglis has treated and helped heal every injury I have had for almost 30 years. The activator method is a gentle tool that really works. A fantastic Doctor.

    David G.
  • I saw Dr. Inglis after the beginning of 2019 to see about getting relief from hip pains when I walked for an extended period of time. The pains felt like bone on bone. I was told by Paulina of an experimental method with placenta stem cells that could help regrow cartilage tissue in the hips to relieve some of the discomforts…Dr. Inglis started a treatment program to help the cells grow properly plus help me regain more movement in my legs. In August I took a trip out West to visit seven National Parks. There was a fair amount of walking, and I hoped the stem cells would help me endure the pain. As it turned out, I had NO PAIN AT ALL from the walking in the parks… Thank you very much, Dr. Inglis!

    Mike P.
  • Very kind hearted staff. Good conversations, friendly , and most of all effective. Tailored to your needs. Couldn’t be more happy

    Jordan F.
  • After several weeks of extreme pain and limited mobility I went to see Dr. Inglis and after only the second visit the pain was almost 100% gone and my mobility had returned. Dr. Inglis’ methods are comfortable and pain free and he definitely knows what he’s doing! I have been to many chiropractors (8+) and he is by far the best! It’s why I travel an hour to see him, and put up with the traffic of route 15. Well worth it! I highly highly recommend!

    Jerry B.
  • I had been suffering from hip pain. I thought I would even need a hip replacement. However I’m happy to say that with the treatment I have received, that is no longer a consideration! Dr Inglis is a miracle worker!

    Karen T.

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