About Us

Revolutionizing the Patient Experience

through a holistic and modern approach to healthcare

We reject the “sick care” model of modern medicine. Instead, we insist on exceptional patient care, cutting edge treatments and ample patient education to bring about optimal individual health and wellbeing. Our goal is to help patients overcome pain and chronic illness without the use of addictive medication or surgery. We strive to provide the highest level of patient care, treating each patient as the individual they are. We work tirelessly to help patients achieve their health goals and regain their lives. We aim to set the example for how integrated, holistic medicine–where providers work in tandem toward the betterment of the patient–is the medicine of the future.

Dr. Richard Inglis

Licensed Chiropractor for over 40 years

Dr. Richard B. Inglis is a licensed Chiropractor with over 40 years of experience and degrees in Nutrition and Clinical Rehabilitation, as well as a degree in Neurology in the works. What sets him apart from the rest is his “whole person approach”. This approach to wellness means that he looks for the underlying causes of any disturbances and makes the needful interventions, treatments and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. Dr. Inglis is able to help any patient accelerate and then maintain their journey to good health without drugs or surgery.

His dedication, persistence and mindfulness to patient care are exceptional. Countless patients have given success stories from working with him, and many more have referred their friends and families due to the dramatic results they’ve gotten.

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Our Approach

We believe in a natural, individualized, and non-invasive approach to help our patients reach their physical health goals.

Our Values

We focus on real solutions, not just masking your symptoms with medication.

This allows real healing to occur so you can finally move on with your life.

  • Listen to all Clients Needs
  • Healthcare without Side Effects
  • Judgement Free
  • Truthfulness
  • Empathy